Corporate Supporters

Rapid Response Network

The DEC calls upon the Rapid Response Network (RRN) when a disaster occurs to raise funds quickly and effectively.

The RRN is made up of broadcasters in television and radio (the BBC and commercial channels), banks, the Post Office, BT, regional and national press and a range of corporate sector organisations that work together with the DEC to achieve maximum publicity and provide cost-effective ways for the public to make donations.


The BBC, which has supported the DEC for more than 40 years, produces an appeal package for tv under its public service broadcasting commitments, which is presented by a celebrity in at least one prime-time slot after a news broadcast.  All broadcast appeals must conform to the BBC’s Editorial Policy and Guidelines, and to the BBC’s obligations under its Royal Charter and Agreement with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (the ‘Charter and Agreement). The BBC website also links to the DEC’s site.

The Independent Television Network (ITN), which has also supported the DEC for more than 40 years, helps produce an appeal package at no charge which is presented by a celebrity using a prime-time slot on ITV and shares this package with a number of networks including Channel 4, Channel Five, BSkyB, Al Jazeera English and S4C.  All broadcast appeals must conform to the Ofcom’s Editorial Policy and Guidelines.

It is for the broadcasters to decide whether or not to carry any particular appeal.


BBC Radio also produces an appeal broadcast to coincide with the televised version.

The Radio Centre produces appeals of different lengths and ensures that independent radio stations around the country are equipped to broadcast the emergency alert with appeal donation details.


The British Bankers Association has an agreement with high-street banks and shares resources so donors can give money over the counter to DEC appeals and processes donations.

The Co-operative Bank acts as a lead bank for the appeal, providing a central deposit account for appeal funds.


BT provides a mechanism for enabling website donations and a phone line network for credit and debit card donations.

The Post Office and Royal Mail

Royal Mail provides a PO Box address so postal donations can be routed quickly to the DEC.

The Post Office provides over-the-counter donation facilities.

Our thanks

The trustees warmly acknowledge and thank the following organisations which supply services at appeal times:

The BBC, ITN, ITV Network Centre, Channel 4, Channel Five, BSkyB, Al Jazeera, BBC Radio, RadioCentre, Independent Radio News, British Bankers Association, British Telcommunications Plc, Ogilvy, Royal Mail, Post Office Counters, Alliance & Leicester, Vodafone, RBS Worldpay, MIG and Open Market.

If you think your company or organisation could offer assistance or support to the DEC, please contact the DEC secretariat at

Your support is greatly appreciated.