How We Ensure Quality

Red Cross aid being loaded Our members are experts in humanitarian aid who can deliver the effective disaster responses which donors expect and those affected by disasters need.

They are committed to delivering humanitarian aid in accordance with international standards.

We recognise however that improvement is always possible and we challenge ourselves to continually develop our ways of working using the DEC Accountability Framework (DECAF).

The framework encompasses a number of activities designed to promote best practice, learning and accountability.

These include a system of regular appeal reports, independent evaluations, collective initiatives and annual assessments of agencies’ internal systems for ensuring quality across their work.

The DEC regularly publishes these evaluations as part of our commitment to transparency.

DEC Accountability Framework

Appeal reporting

Members’ plans for the use of DEC funds are scrutinised and progress against them is monitored.

Summaries are shared with the public.

Annual Assessments

Members’ self- assess against the DEC’s Accountability Priorities. External validation and peer challenge holds members to their improvement commitments.

External Evaluation

DEC-funded disaster responses are subject to external evaluation. At least a third of agencies are independently evaluated for each appeal. The DEC and its members regularly publish evaluations.

Learning activities

We employ various methods to identify and disseminate learning to our members, including early ‘real time evaluations’ of responses which inform agencies’ later programming

Accountability Priorities

We use our resources efficiently and effectively.

We achieve intended programme objectives in accordance with agreed humanitarian standards, principles and behaviours.

We are accountable to disaster-affected populations.

We learn from our experience, taking our learning from one emergency to the next.

The DEC Accountability Priorities are four core commitments made by our members.

They run through all elements of the Accountability Framework - being embedded in our reporting and evaluations and forming the basis for our annual assessment process and learning activities.