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Josette Dorleans, 56, is a well-known trader in her neighbourhood in Delmas 19
The British Red Cross has been working in Delmas 19, an area in the Haiti capital to rebuild their lives with cash grants. Josette received two enabling her to restart her business.
Getting Haiti’s children back to school quickly was a key part of Tearfund’s post-quake response.
In a bid to escape hunger the Noel brothers moved to Haiti's capital to start a sewing shop but the Haiti earthquake of 2010 destroyed it. Through assistance from the British Red Cross they were able to rebuild their livelihood.
Clean water and hygiene are critical to beat diseases like cholera in Haiti
Clean water and sanitation are critical in stopping diseases such as cholera from spreading as people in Haiti recover from the devasting earthquake of 2010.
Casimir Jean Harrison, recipient of a CAFOD built house in Haiti.
CAFOD has been working to ensure families in Haiti have moved into new, disaster-resistant homes.
Older people are amongst the most vulnerable in Haiti, those with no money or income especially so. DEC members have provided solar powered kits to help run lamps and radios increasing the connectivity of the people and giving them lights making them feel safer at night.
Eliana Celan Coto
Providing cash grants directly to the people in need can help families get back on their feet and purchase the much needed household items which help with the recovery.
Eleven year old Wawins
Giving clear medical advice in schools to young people so they know to go straight to a doctor as soon as they don't feel well is critical in stopping the spread of highly contagious diseases such as cholera.