haiti earthquake appeal Updates

The long road to rebuild: construction workers clear rocks in Carrefour, Haiti.
Five years on from the devastating Haiti earthquake we look back on the progress and challenges of the emergency response
Tearfund project helping the building of a new school in Haiti
Three years after the earthquake in Haiti we update on the work our member agencies have undertaken to help those affected by a quake which claimed over 200,000 lives
Photo taken in December 2011. Haiti, two years on.
Haiti: January 2010 an earthquake struck near Port au Prince, Haiti. 220k people perished, over 3 million people were affected; what has happened in the following 2 years?
DEC Haiti expenditure - August 2010 – July 2011
Haiti: In the two years since the earthquake our member agencies have used DEC funds to provide assistance to over 1.8million earthquake survivors in Haiti.
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Haiti: Funds are increasingly being used to help rebuild livelihoods, following the devastating earthquake, as well as continuing to pay for clean water, sanitation and shelter.
Haiti: In June 2010 the DEC commissioned study found the initial response to be rapid, appropiate and had averted major outbreaks of disease up to that point.
Haiti: Nearly 90,000 people have benefitted from DEC-funded temporary work or projects to help them rebuild their livelihoods and support themselves and their families.
Haiti: DEC members were faced with the need to rapidly help very large numbers of injured and homeless people during the emergency (which led to more deaths than the larger quakes in Chile that year and Japan in 2011) as vast numbers of poorly constructed concrete buildings collapsed.