We don't accept survival as enough. Our local staff and community partners work directly with women and children, unlocking their knowledge and skills, so that together we can respond with solutions that fit their needs. And we stay for as long as it takes to ensure that change not only happens, but that it lasts.

We are committed to responding to emergencies that affect the communities where we already work. This means we have established relationships with the communities affected and links with partner organisations, and we can respond effectively within hours. When disasters happen outside areas where we work, we will respond when we identify particular gaps or needs, where we can add value to the relief efforts, and where we can make a significant difference to the lives of those affected.

We believe the people living through an emergency are best placed to know what their families need to recover and rebuild, so we put them at the centre of our humanitarian response. Local women often lead the assessment of what their communities need, and the distribution of aid, to ensure fairness and transparency. In the months and years that follow an emergency we work with local people to give them the support they need to rebuild their homes, re-establish their livelihoods, and become more resilient to future disasters.


Recent Updates

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After the devastation of the Nepal earthquake better shelter is key, and DEC member ActionAid UK has this update on how they're providing it.

Rebuilding homes and lives in Nepal

After the devastation of the Nepal earthquake better shelter is key; DEC member Action Aid has this update on how they're providing it.

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Mike Noyes recently visited the town of Bumpe in Kono district, meeting some of the dedicated and inspiring volunteers who continue to work on the front line of our Ebola response.