Our vision is of a world where everyone gets the help they need in a crisis. More than 21,500 volunteers and 4,100 staff at the British Red Cross work together to help individuals and communities prepare for, cope with and recover from emergencies. This includes everything from disasters and conflicts to individual injuries and personal challenges.

Our work includes support in emergencies, refugee support, independent living services and first aid and humanitarian education. We operate both in our own right and as part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the world’s largest humanitarian network, which has more than 17 million volunteers across 190 countries. We refuse to ignore people in crisis.


Recent Updates

British Red Cross: 'Heartbreaking' scene in Madaya, Syria

Three Red Cross aid convoys have delivered food, water and health care to Syrian people in the beseiged towns of Madaya, Kefraya and Foua. In this audio diary, ICRC spokesperson Pawel Krzysiek says conditions in Madaya are heartbreaking.

British red cross: Heads above water

Life after Typhoon Haiyan

British Red Cross YouTube: Ebola crisis – Sierra Leone outbreak declared over

The Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone has been declared over, more than 18 months since the disease reached the country. 

Pictures & play help Nepal's children find their voice

A devastating earthquake doesn't just take lives they reshape life for those who survive.  DEC member the British Red Cross is working via local Red Cross partners to ensure children can learn to come to terms with their experiences and teach other children how to cope as well.

Nepal: the amazing power of a trip to the shops

DEC member British Red Cross asks when it comes to deciding what help is needed, who knows best?