East Africa Crisis Appeal Evaluations

This independent assessment, commissioned by the DEC and undertaken by Valid International, evaluates the DEC member agencies' aid delivery during the first four months of the emergency response to the East Africa food crisis. It found that overall the early stages of the DEC-funded response by member agencies to the crisis in East Africa was efficient and effective. It also found however that the global response which preceded the DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal had been slow and late.  

The consultants concluded that much of the success of the DEC member agencies came from building on their strong existing presence in the region. They said most work they reviewed rightly placed a significant emphasis on mitigating future disasters – measures such as improving traditional wells rather than just trucking in water.  DEC agencies were also praised for being accountable to communities through strong consultation, partnership working and clear complaints mechanisms. Security constraints at the time made it impossible to visit and assess work in Somalia. 
You can download the East Africa Crisis evaluation reports for Kenya (PDF) and Ethiopia (PDF).
To read the evaluation summary you can download it it directly (PDF), alternatively you can view it using this panel (click to zoom in):