Pakistan Floods Appeal Evaluations

Disaster Risk Reduction report - August 2012

This report highlights the need for improved Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Pakistan through a stronger national and provincial framework to ensure the prevention of some disasters, the mitigation of those that do occur through activities such as large scale flood defences and the avoidance of their worst impacts through more effective early warning systems.  These systems must be delivered by the Government of Pakistan with the backing of international donors but the DEC member agencies and their local partners can build on their existing household and community based DRR work to support it.
The study found members of the DEC had already helped many households and communities to be better prepared for future disasters as a ‘mainstreamed’ part of their emergency aid work. Limited resources compounded by the scale of the needs meant the NGOs could not reach many of the affected communities, so agencies would need to combine their efforts more effectively to have a larger scale and lasting impact. The results would be further strengthened by an even greater focus on women and marginalised communities in disaster preparedness, and ensuring that DRR was also part of longer term development work, the report concluded. You can download the full report (2mb .pdf) or browse through it below.

Real Time Evaluation - May 2011

You can download the Real Time Evaluation as [.doc 400kb] or as [.pdf 560kb].

This independent assessment evaluates the DEC member agencies' aid delivery during the first four months of the disaster response. The report found that DEC agencies built on their existing presence and partnerships in north west Pakistan to rapidly reach survivors, and successfully focused on the most immediate needs of the most vulnerable groups of displaced people.

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