Seven weeks of heavy conflict in the summer of 2014 created a humanitarian crisis for the majority of Palestinians in Gaza. The DEC launched its Gaza Crisis Appeal on 7 August 2014, raising nearly £19 million. A total of £12.2 million was raised by the DEC, including £2 million donated by the Department for International Development through its UK Aid Match scheme, and the balance was raised directly by the DEC’s member charities. Ten DEC members responded.

The DEC’s Gaza response was divided into two phases. An initial emergency phase, which lasted for six months from launch date until the end of January 2015, provided more than 194,000 people  with lifesaving support such as food, cash and relief supplies.

Over the following 18 months, from February 2015 onwards, the second phase focused on helping people recover from the effects of conflict through investing in livelihoods, increasing access to education and providing psychosocial support. Despite many challenges that have  made real long-term improvements  in Gaza difficult, DEC members reached  more than 360,000 people – one in  five of Gaza’s population – in the second phase of the response.

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