Joanna Lumley supports Nepal appeal


Joanna Lumley supporting DEC Nepal Earthquake AppealJoanna Lumley supports the DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, knowing that the country of Nepal, which is so much a part of my life and the life of our country, is in crisis.
Britain has had a deep bond with the land of the Gurkhas for over 200 years. My own father, serving with the Gurkha Rifles for 18 years,  fought shoulder to shoulder with Nepalese soldiers during World War II and the Gurkhas still fight alongside our troops today. It fills me with a deep sense of sadness that death and destruction has torn their beautiful country apart.
The most heart-breaking part of all is that many of the people affected are already living in severe poverty, struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. This earthquake – the worst for 80 years - has wiped out even the little they had. Mothers have lost children, husbands have lost wives and the numbers of dead are increasing day by day. 
Even as you read this, the people who survived Saturday’s disaster are beginning to run out of vital supplies. In areas outside of the capital, many more are trapped, blocked off by landslides, and the wounded are waiting for life-saving medical treatment. The earthquake may have lasted little more than 60 seconds, but the impact will be felt for many years. The people of Nepal desperately need our help.
I’m supporting the DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal because the money raised will help the British aid agencies that are either already on the ground or on their way, to respond quickly, efficiently and with compassion. 
Donations will go directly to helping the wounded, providing shelter for the homeless and getting water, food and essential items to those who have lost everything. Life-saving support will be given to the most vulnerable people, including children, the elderly and those who are disabled.
The brave people of Nepal urgently need our help and it will be so gratefully received. £5 can feed a family for one day, £10 can provide clean water for two families for nearly two weeks and £20 can provide emergency shelter for five families. Please give generously to the DEC appeal – it’s the best way to reach those who are waiting in hope for our response.
Thank you with all my heart for your generosity. I feel proud to be part of the effort to support the people of Nepal.
Joanna Lumley