Giving birth in Syria


Um Asmar left Syria because of the violence

Um Asmar left Syria because of the violence. She was pregnant when she fled, and had previously given birth inside Syria. DEC member Save the Children met her in a health care centre where they are providing health assistance.
Um Asmar’s story in her own words
“We left Syria because of the shelling and the fighting. The day I gave birth I felt contractions and back pain.
They tried to find me a car but hospitals were far away and the roads were dangerous – we were living in Aleppo. People were scared to leave the house to a place that is further away.
My family found a midwife nearby. She is a midwife but hasn’t been practicing for a long time. They took me in the back car and took me to the midwife. I almost delivered my baby in the car. I think I could have delivered in the car because of the stress and the shelling.
Pregnant women are suffering in Syria. Children too. There are no vaccinations at all in Syria and no one can go to vaccinate their children. If a child gets sick, you are too afraid to take him to the doctor.
May God help those still in Syria. Many people died and their children. They lost their houses, everything. Some were able to escape, others died in the war.
Save the Children helped me today with a scan, analysis and tests - I came here today and checked on my baby’s health, and to find out how many months I was pregnant. I’m going to have tests tomorrow to see if my baby has anything, infections, and check on my blood - this is good and thank you all.”
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