Medical care in a crisis


At just 30 minutes old baby Nisreen is delivered in the Al Awda hospital in Gaza city during the eighth day of the current conflict

The prospect of giving birth is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Yet, for many women living through the Gaza crisis, the thought itself couldn’t be more terrifying. 
Meet baby Nisreen – at just 30 minutes old, she was safely delivered at the Al Awda hospital in Gaza during the eighth day of the current conflict. 
Specialising in maternity care, the hospital supports the residents of the neighbouring Jabalaya refugee camp, one of the poorest areas of Gaza city.
The director of the hospital Dr Yousef Soueti said, "We have seen an increase of women coming in with bleeding during pregnancy. In some cases, they are coming here so that we will keep them for 24 hours as it is safer than being at home." 
More than 10,000 pregnant women are displaced in Gaza and many have nowhere to turn to. CARE supported medical outreach to approximately 700 people in UNWRA shelters, raising the total number of beneficiaries assisted to 1,766. They have delivered anti-natal and post-natal care and are currently scaling up the mobile health teams in Gaza from two to four.
DEC members like CARE International UK are helping to ensure newborn babies like Nisreen and her mother receive the medical support they desperately need