Supporting Gaza's Children


The effects of the Gaza crisis may not be physically obvious but many children need help

Children make up more than half of the 1.8 million population of Gaza. The ongoing conflict means many have witnessed things that they will never forget: missiles and artillery attacks, the destruction of their homes and neighbourhoods, the dead bodies of brothers, sisters, parents, friends and playmates.
The trauma they’re exposed to can take years to recover from, and is forever imprinted in the memory. Many are terrified and traumatised, and suffering gravely from fear and anxiety. Sadly, they have nowhere to run or hide.
World Vision and partner agencies have been working tirelessly to scale up relief efforts.  World Vision aims to set up ten new child-friendly spaces – where children and eat, make friends and overcome the trauma of disaster while keeping safe. They are also placing psychological first aid support staff in these child friendly spaces with the aim of helping to  treat 1,000 children every two weeks.