Read our updates on the aid response funded by DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal.

January marks six months since the Disasters Emergency Committee launched the East Africa Crisis Appeal. In that time the public response to the food crisis, a result one of the worst droughts in 60 years, has meant that the £75 million raised have helped 1.3 million people.

Over the past week DEC Chair Clive Jones and Brendan Paddy have been visiting East Africa to see DEC funded projected and the aid effort with DEC member agencies.
DEC's Brendan Paddy visits Kukale Village in Wajir to see DEC funded work by Islamic Relief which has upgraded the local well, serving about 720 people with clean and safe drinking water.
DEC Chairman Clive Jones writes about his visit to Mogadishu, Somalia to see DEC funded aid work which continues despite the dangers of the current security situation.
In addition to the above we'll be posting an update on our member agency activity in East Africa in the coming days.