Current Member Agency response to Haiti Earthquake


British Red Cross

  • Staff and volunteers who were already living in Haiti are distributing kitchen and personal hygiene kits, blankets, tarpaulins and water containers.
  • 300-bed field hospital being set up and international colleagues flying in engineers, a surgeon, logistics, security and IT experts, as well as a specialist in reuniting families.

Cafod (Caritas)

  • Distributed blankets, food, medicine, and providing first aid through clinics
  • Experts in earthquake response already arrived
  • Convoy including thousands of tonnes of food, shelter for 2,000 families and more staff is on its way

CARE International UK

  • 100 health, education, food security, and water and sanitation experts have been working there longterm
  • Emergency team on its way

Christian Aid

  • Already working through local organisations in Haiti, who are responding to the emergency
  • Disaster assessment team arrived in Haiti on Wednesday

Concern Worldwide

  • Has distributed medicines and workers are now distributing water
  • Emergency programme is providing water and emergency nutrition

Help the Aged

  • Staff already working there are being joined by emergency experts
  • Two mobile medical teams on the way

Islamic Relief

  • Aid supplies distributed via USA partner organisation
  • Sent emergency response team from UK and USA to assess needs for planning response


  • Emergency response team in region, working locally to assess most urgent needs and make sure that the right equipment and specialist staff are available.


  • 10 tonnes of aid arriving this weekend, including body bags, plastic sheeting, chlorine for drinking water and a logistics expert.
  • Water distribution being delivered in Port-au-Prince

Save the Children

  • UK and US staff distributing hygiene kits, food and water
  • Medical supplies given to hospitals through local partners
  • More life-saving supplies to be sent out following further assessment of need


  • Already working long-term in Haiti through local churches and Christian organisations
  • Team of disaster response experts arriving this weekend to support local staff and assess further needs

World Vision

  • Already working long-term in Haiti, and sending additional staff and supplies
  • First aid kits and essential supplies being distributed