DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal helps 1.2 million survivors


Funds from the £69 million DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal have been used by our Member Agencies to help 1,200,000 people since the floods began in late July 2010.

However, millions still need immediate aid and support to rebuild their lives. Donations can continue to be made to the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal until 31 January 2011.

The DEC-funded aid provided so far has included clean drinking water for 380,000 people, healthcare for 340,000 people and household items such as cooking sets and blankets for 240,000 people.

The monsoon rains which began to hit Pakistan in late July 2010 were the most severe for 80 years. They caused immediate flash flooding in the mountains of the north west of the country and ultimately flood waters worked their way south, through the Indus and other river systems, to engulf an area the size of the UK.

Around 20 million people were affected with 12 million seeing their homes damaged or completely destroyed. The vast scale of the tragedy means that many people remain in need of the most basic aid.

DEC Chief Executive Brendan Gormley said:
“All disasters are a tragedy for those caught up in them but the Pakistan floods are exceptional because of the vast number of people affected.

“Most those hit by flooding have now returned to their home areas but because of standing water, saturated soil or choking silt, many cannot even live on the ground where their homes once stood.

“The massive scale of this crisis means that millions still require urgent aid. We must make sure that they don’t just survive but that they get the help they need to rebuild their lives. This is why the DEC is asking for further donations before our appeal closes.

“Over the next 18 months our members will increasingly focus on helping some of the worst affected survivors with work such as starting to build permanent homes, ensuring safe water supplies and providing livestock, tools and seeds.”

Water borne diseases remain a threat but overwhelmingly the greatest public health risk is now from chest infections including influenza and pneumonia, with over 200,000 cases reported in the second week of January alone.

More than one-third of the funds collected directly by the DEC have already been spent.* The remainder will be spent, as planned, over the coming 18 months to help survivors rebuild their lives.

The DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal will remain open until 31 January 2011 and donations can be made via our website at

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Notes to editors:

The DEC collected £41m directly, the other £28m being collected as part of the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal through our member agencies which will account for these funds individually.

DEC Appeals raise funds for six months and spend the funds raised over a period of two years.