DEC Statement on the Crisis in Pakistan


The recent offensive by Government forces in Pakistan in the North-West Frontier Province has resulted in upward of 800,000 people being displaced on top of the half a million already in camps and it seems that the majority of the displaced are women and children. The great majority have moved into the homes of friends and relatives.

Governments and the UN system have made recent substantial pledges and are mobilising with food distributions and the UNHCR is responding with 800,000 kits to help people keep warm and make meals. The response within Pakistan is to be coordinated by the Special Support Group with experience of coordinating humanitarian relief after the 2005 earthquake. The UN cluster system is functional in Islamabad and Peshawa

Several of our member agencies are currently responding to the needs of the affected population. They are also looking to carry out more detailed assessments to understand where additional support will be needed and how it can be delivered. The DEC will take regular updates from all sources with access to the area, which is acknowledged to be problematic, and keep under review whether a coordinated UK public fundraising response is needed to complement the efforts of the International Community and the Pakistan Government.

Individual DEC Members are considering appeals and potential donors might like to visit the following DEC Members pages to donate: ActionAidOxfamIslamic ReliefSave the ChildrenMerlin.