DEC Statement on the Crisis in Pakistan


DEC Trustees have been informed that Aid agencies face closure of their humanitarian aid projects as money fails to be pledged by Governments, and are judging the situation against DEC criteria for an appeal.

A group of nine major international aid agencies said today that their aid effort of reaching over 1 million victims of the fighting in Swat valley of Pakistan was under threat due to a lack of funds. The agencies face a shortfall in excess of £26m ($42m).

The agencies said that besides little money going into the UN appeal, the problem was also that even less money is being disbursed to frontline agencies from the appeal. Five weeks into the escalation of the crisis, the UK’s Department for International Development says that it will now directly fund those front line non-governmental agencies working within the UN appeal.

“The only reason we haven’t faced a massive humanitarian meltdown is the generosity of families and communities of modest means who’ve looked after the vast majority of those who’ve fled the fighting. With so many mouths to feed, these communities will soon be running on empty. The world’s richest nations need to dig much deeper into their pockets to help,” said Carolyn Miller, CEO of Merlin and DEC Trustee.

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