Flooding in north of England


Flooding in the north of England, Wales and some other areas of Britain has caused extensive disruption and driven hundreds of people from their homes.  


The UK authorities have issued warnings, organised evacuations, undertaken rescues and arranged temporary shelter. DEC member agency, the British Red Cross, has been deeply involved in the response.  

While the help available in any large scale crisis is never immediately sufficient for all of those affected, the UK generally has the resources and capacity to respond to a crisis on this scale.  


International assistance is therefore not required and the UK agencies involved in the response are not faced with an immediate shortfall in funding that could significantly restrict their current work.  

Most DEC member charities are experts at providing the kind of assistance needed in the world’s poorest countries where the capacity to cope with major disasters is much more limited than in the UK. This is why the DEC’s remit is to launch appeals only after major disasters in poorer countries, rather than in developed nations such as the UK.

For people in the UK affected by the flooding or wishing, the following resources may be useful: