Iraq crisis & DEC appeal criteria


Clearly the situation in northern Iraq is a very serious humanitarian crisis. The DEC decides to launch an appeal by assessing the situation against our criteria, which we are currently doing as the situation unfolds. 
Several of the DEC’s member agencies are responding to the crisis in Iraq and are some running appeals to help the people in need. We urge people who want to make a donation to help people in Iraq  to go via those agencies, which are: Save the Children, British Red Cross, Islamic Relief, Oxfam, Tearfund and Christian Aid. Find out more about their work and how to donate via the links below.
Save the Children
Working in northern Iraq, providing children and families fleeing their homes with water, food and hygiene kits.
Christian Aid
Partners distributing non-food items, such as hygiene kits, to families and supporting displaced communities in Sinjar, Dohuk, Kirkuk, Karbala and Sulaimaniyah.
British Red Cross
Partners have supplied month’s supply of food and other relief items to more than 10,000 displaced people in Zummar and in Al-Qosh, north of Mosul.
Islamic Relief
Supporting the relief effort in Anbar, where food and hygiene kits are being distributed to displaced families.
On the ground in Iraq, preparing to deliver clean water and sanitation to up to 50,000 people.
Working to provide essential food and hygiene supplies.