Thank you Darfur and Chad Crisis Appeal donors


In May 2007 the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) asked you for help for the Darfur and Chad humanitarian crisis.

Your immediate and very generous response to our appeal has raised £13 million to date. This money is now being spent by our member agencies to provide food, shelter, water and sanitation facilities, as well as healthcare and education services for people in desperate need.

DEC members have faced the challenges and difficulties of political and violent unrest but have managed to make significant progress. Since the launch of the appeal their work has so far:

  • provided clean water and reduced water borne diseases
  • provided food for malnourished people and reduced mortality
  • provided basic primary education to children, allowing them to continue their schooling and, in CHAD, in one camp alone, 5,000 children now have the chance to gain an education
  • helped local people to form committees to manage healthcare, hygiene, water and sanitation facilities
  • provided families with access to land and the seeds and tools to cultivate crops.

Money has also been put aside for the repair and maintenance of water systems.

The Darfur and Chad crisis is by no means over. The Sudanese people really need peace and a lasting political solution. With the violence in Darfur showing no sign of reaching an end, many people remain uprooted and reliant on international aid.

We would like to thank you on behalf of the DEC’s members and the people whose lives have been greatly improved by your generous donations.

Donations to this appeal ended February 2008.