UK giving for Pakistan floods still accelerating, reaches £40m


Week-on-week donations to the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal have soared by over 70% and the total given has now reached £40 million.

The latest figures show the Appeal raised £9.5m in week one, £11.2m in week two and £19.3m in week three, which ended Thursday night.  The DEC Pakistan Flood Appeals were first broadcast on Thursday 5 August.

The Disasters Emergency Committee said it had never seen such an extraordinary pattern of giving for any appeal in its 45 year history.  Donations usually spike sharply in the first week after the appeals are broadcast and then drop significantly in the second and particularly the third weeks.  This is true even of the largest appeals such as the one earlier this year for the Haiti earthquake.

Disasters Emergency Committee Chief Executive Brendan Gormley said:

“This response really is unprecedented. Giving to all our appeals, including Haiti and the 2004 tsunami, saw huge initial donations decline steeply after the first week.  We have never seen anything like this pattern of giving before.

“This belies all talk of donor fatigue.  Growing awareness of the sheer scale of the disaster has seen the public continue to respond to the needs of people who are in dire need of help.  Their generosity has been astounding.

“Sadly, for many who have yet to be reached, the situation is still at crisis point. Aid agencies are on the ground doing all they can to reach people, but support is needed for that work to continue. We cannot over-emphasise the need for more donations and the public’s ongoing support if we are to continue saving lives.”

The Pakistan floods have so far claimed over 1,500 lives and have directly affected over 17 million people.

DEC member agencies and their partners have so far reached over 800,000 people.