The DEC has launched an appeal to help people facing coronavirus in some of the most vulnerable communities around the world, but obviously the effects of the virus - both medically and economically - are still being felt here in the UK.

Several DEC charities are working in the UK as well as abroad to help people affected. If you would like to contribute to their efforts within the UK you can find more information and links to their websites below.

The British Red Cross has been supporting people in isolation and working with the Department of Health, NHS England, Public Health England and local authorities. It continues to provide support and information to people affected by the virus through its network of staff and volunteers. You can donate to their UK appeal here.

Islamic Relief is working with various organisations to support vulnerable communities in the UK by providing food aid and financial assistance for those who can’t afford essential items and medical equipment to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation. It is also supporting Muslim burial services in the UK by providing PPE and repurposing facilities. You can donate to their UK or global appeals here.

Save the Children is helping the poorest children in the UK through the crisis by providing families with emergency grants, food vouchers, resources and equipment for home learning, and advice on how to explain the virus to children and manage stress. You can find out more and donate to their global appeal here.

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) - set up last year to distribute donations in a similar way to the DEC but in times of national crisis - has also launched an appeal to help people affected by Covid-19 in the UK. Donations to their appeal will go to local community foundations to help people ill with the virus, but also affected by the economic and social impact of the crisis. If you would like to support the NET in the UK response, further information can be found here

John Herriman, the CEO of the National Emergencies Trust, said: “There remains much uncertainty around what lies ahead for the UK. The need within many communities has not gone away and will continue to evolve as the longer term impacts of this pandemic become clearer and more keenly felt. However, we can be very certain that the global crisis is intensifying and it will have devastating effects on people all over the world. The launch of the DEC’s international appeal at this time is therefore absolutely vital.”