• If the overpayment was the result of a DEC error, e.g. amount transcribed incorrectly
  • If the overpayment was the result of the following common donor errors:
    • Incorrectly adding 00 for pence (e.g. making a £1000 donation for £10.00)
    • Incorrectly pressing the refresh button on the website.
  • If donor gave a telephone donation and due to delay in processing, then re-donated in another way (evidence of the second donation being made must be provided)
  • In all instances donors must provide name, address, contact phone number and details of the donation for our records. All refunds must be logged
  • All refunds must be approved by the Donations Manager


  • If donors make donations to an Appeal and subsequently change their mind we cannot routinely make refunds because this exposes us to Money Laundering activities. Donors should not make donations before checking that they can afford them. Cases in which donations threaten hardship for the donor will be considered on a case by case basis
  • If a donor wants to Match-Give their donation, they should inform their employer that they have already donated and provide proof. (The DEC can provide the donor with a receipt once the donation has been processed to show their employer)