We want to highlight some of the amazing people we’ve worked with over the years. We asked them how they found working at the DEC secretariat office in central London and they had the following to say about the experience.

If you would like to enquire about future volunteering opportunities with the DEC please do get in contact via volunteer@dec.org.uk


"I am very fortunate to have been a regular volunteer in the DEC office for several months and thoroughly enjoy every minute of working with them. They are an awesome and inspirational team, extremely friendly and welcoming; and were both interested in what led me to volunteer with them and in sharing their expertise with me. As I was lucky enough to be working at the office when they launched the East Africa Crisis Appeal in March, I learned first-hand about all the amazing activities that go on behind the scenes before, during and after an appeal is launched. I saw how hard this incredibly dynamic group of professionals work to galvanize a massive network of peoples and organisations into action at such short notice and then how they deal with the response. This experience also enabled me to meet a wide range of others within the sector, which in turn has been extremely valuable in helping me to develop my career. My time at the DEC is one that I shall always look back on with immense pride, gratitude and fondness."


"Through volunteering with the DEC I have gained invaluable experience in humanitarian aid which I'm sure will be extremely helpful when studying a Masters Humanitarian Emergencies from September. Everyone in the office has been exceptionally kind and multiple people have been willing to spend considerable time explaining how the appeals work and introducing me to the different computer and finance systems; I have been made to really feel like a member of the DEC team despite only being in the office for a couple of days a week. The opportunity to work with the fundraising, programmes and supporter care teams has made my experience extremely varied and interesting. I would without doubt recommend giving volunteering with the DEC a go!"


"Volunteering at the DEC has been an extremely rewarding experience! I have learnt a great deal about humanitarianism and international development and developed various skills essential for working in the charity sector. All staff are welcoming, supportive and obviously passionate about the DEC's work! The team have extended their duties by helping me with my masters studies and constantly provided guidance and advice when I have asked for it. Assisting on the latest appeals for Yemen 2016 and East Africa 2017 has provided me with invaluable experience that I shall utilise moving forward along my career path. The DEC is an excellent example of a charity making a significant difference to those in desperate need of aid and I have no doubt any future volunteers would have similarly positive observations."


“Volunteering with the DEC was a brilliant experience and one that I would highly recommend.  The chance to work with the secretariat team and other volunteers during the period of the Syria Crisis Appeal provided a fascinating insight into their work. I had opportunities to contribute to the team’s efforts in a variety of ways, but also gained valuable knowledge, skills and experience which have helped me in my current charity sector role.”


“With a focus on the programme side of humanitarian work my volunteering placement taught me about the key stages of international relief programme reporting as well as fundamentals around disaster risk reduction and accountability. One of the highlights of the placement was working alongside a dedicated and supportive staff team who were always keen to share their experiences and advice. The skills and knowledge I built up whilst working at the DEC helped me go on to find a job in the quality and accountability arm of the humanitarian sector.”


“My experience of working alongside everyone at the office has been absolutely amazing. Everyone has been consistently welcoming, and always tried to include me in almost all activities. I can honestly say that I had not expected such prolonged friendliness and hospitality.”


“I’ve learnt so much about DEC programmes through working closely with the Head of Programmes and Accountability, and I’ve greatly improved my knowledge of fundraising by working with the fundraising team before and during an emergency appeal. I’ve also had the chance to work with staff from other member agencies. The time I have spent here has been a fantastic experience and it’s helped me obtain a full time position at the British Red Cross, which is a DEC member agency.”