A generator being distributed near Kharkiv

Perceptions of aid in Ukraine
December & February Reports

Perceptions of aid in Ukraine
December & February Reports

Father Vitaliy oversees delivery of a generator to residents of a destroyed village outside Kharkiv, on 16 November 2022.

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The escalation of the war on 24 February 2022 in Ukraine provoked one of the biggest humanitarian crises Europe has seen in the last decades. More than 17 million people need aid and almost 14 million people have been reached with humanitarian and governmental assistance as of December 2022.

Ground Truth Solutions, funded by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), in partnership with the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) and Open Space Works Cooperative set out to talk to crisis-affected people in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Moldova through quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews. We target people who received or need aid on how they perceive the quality of the response and representatives of civil society organisations and local aid providers to learn more about their work. By asking their views, priorities, and expectations of how aid is provided, we work towards meeting two objectives:

1.    To feed critical perceptions into response coordination in real-time.        
2.    To understand the quality of the response from the viewpoint of aid recipients and people in need.

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Humanitarian journeys of refugees from Ukraine in Poland, Moldova, and Romania