DEC Myanmar (Burma) Appeal raises £10 million and reaches over 900,000 people


The DEC Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Appeal donation total has now reached £10 million and vital aid efforts have reached over 900,000 people.

Speaking about the appeal to date, Brendan Gormley, Chief Executive of the Disasters Emergency Committee, said: "The British people are continuing to give generously to help the thousands of people still lacking the most basic necessities of life. Despite the lack of pictures and information, aid is getting through and this money will be vital in providing food, shelter, clean water and basic medicines."

“With a disaster of this magnitude however, there are many more who still desperately need our help. We urgently need more funds.”

Reports of a recent agreement from Myanmar to let in foreign aid workers could mean even more aid is able to get reach those in need.

John Plastow, Programme Director for CARE International, says: “This is a significant step forward. We welcome the agreement that has been reached between the U.N. Secretary-General and government authorities in Myanmar that will facilitate the immediate entry of emergency response experts. The emphasis is on getting things to happen faster so we can get emergency relief to the survivors who desperately need it.”

CARE has several emergency experts ready to deploy to Myanmar to support the local teams in the relief effort.

Merlin is about to deploy extra staff to the region. Carolyn Miller, Chief Executive of Merlin, says: “It is vital we take this opportunity to get aid and medical supplies to those who need it the most. Merlin has some 500 Burmese staff working in the delta region, however this decision will allow us to reach even more people. An estimated 1.5 million people were severely affected by the cyclone and still struggle without clean water and shelter. Increasing access will ensure diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia do not take hold. "