DEC Tsunami relief fund - Reports back on three year spending plan


This month marks the third anniversary of the catastrophic Tsunami in the Indian ocean and the closing stages of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) humanitarian relief programmes.

The Tsunami prompted the DEC to launch a nationwide appeal for funds for humanitarian relief. This resulted in the greatest public response we have known with over £390million raised.

In the immediate aftermath of the Tsunami, the DEC Board agreed a three-year spending plan and DEC Members have risen to the huge challenge and provided support to millions of people over a three year timeframe. During the 3 years £116m was spent in 2005, £133m was spent in 2006 and a further estimated £117m will have been spent in 2007.

This money has ensured that many of the people most in need have been helped to recover and build safer, stronger communities. Thousands of permanent homes have been rebuilt.

In 2007, £59m of DEC funds was spent in Indonesia – the country worst affected. A further £32m was spent in Sri Lanka, with India, the Maldives, Somalia, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) also receiving substantial aid.

The DEC has allocated approximately £22million, of the initial £390 million raised to enable Member Agencies to complete their programmes in good order by mid 2008.

Brendan Gormley, chief executive of the DEC, said:

‘DEC members have fulfilled their commitment to provide support to people over a three year timeframe. Over 1.3 million households across seven countries have been helped during the course of our members’ programmes.

‘And as this year’s appeals have demonstrated – for the Darfur region of Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic, and latterly for the victims of last month’s cyclone in Bangladesh - the work of the DEC is essential in times of major international crisis. The generosity of people at these times is magnificent, and our members are grateful for their continued support.’

Notes to editors

  • The Disasters Emergency Committee is the emergency fundraising mechanism for 13 of the UK’s leading aid and relief agencies. The DEC comes together when there is a pressing need for coordinated action, when the members have the ability to make a real difference and when there is sufficient public awareness to assume an appeal would succeed.
  • The appeal launched following the Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004, raised over £390m, when Gift Aid recovered and investment income in the last three years are included. A further £50m was donated direct to our member agencies.