Viktoria* (L) and Oleh (R) cycle in winter conditions through Kharkiv, Ukraine on 18 November 2022.

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal
Scoping Exercise Report

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal
Scoping Exercise Report

Viktoria* and Oleh deliver aid via bicycle in Kharkiv

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The Disasters Emergency Committee launched the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal in early March. It has so far raised £380 million from the British public, with some funds matched by UK Aid. DEC members are committed to strengthening local humanitarian action. 

The importance of supporting and strengthening local humanitarian action – and civil society more broadly as a consequence – has been widely acknowledged in recent years. A vast array of commitments have been made across the global humanitarian sector aiming to reinforce, not replace, national and local systems. 

A scoping exercise was commissioned by DEC to gather ideas, options and approaches from local and national actors implementing humanitarian response activities in Ukraine on the most important areas for supporting and strengthening local humanitarian action. This report provides the recommendations and findings from the exercise, it covers: 

  • Background
  • Summary of scoping exercise 
  • Priority 1: Funding and financial management 
  • Priority 2: Capacity strengthening and organisational development
  • Priority 3: Equitable partnerships
  • Priority 4: Coordination and collaboration 
  • Other relevant findings 

Find out how donations are helping one year on from the start of the conflict here.


A Ukrainian language version of the report is also available to download here.