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& Foundations
and Major Gifts

Trusts & Foundations
and major gifts

Promptly reaching out to our network of trusts & foundations, philanthropists and high-value funders at each appeal launch is an important source of funding to DEC Appeals.  

We reach out to our supporters with as much advance notice as possible when the DEC appeal criteria is met and an appeal is imminent. The DEC produces a brief giving information on the disaster and DEC response, alongside a much more detailed Case for Support document supporting the decision-making process around how you may wish to respond to a disaster. We host informative online briefings featuring speakers from across the DEC membership and the team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Whether you are a trust or foundation that would like to make an emergency grant, you are an individual that wishes to contribute a significant gift, or you just want to find out more,  please use the contact details below to get in touch.  

We react as quickly as possible at appeal launch to complete application forms or provide details to donate, so that you can make your gift quickly, getting funding to where it is needed, fast.  

To find out more about funding the DEC, please contact us at or call us on 020 3915 3803. 

Contact us

To find out more about funding the DEC, please contact us at or call us on 020 3915 3803. 

Rapid Response Network

Working with media and corporate partners is central to how the DEC runs appeals and maximises funds raised for people affected by disasters.

Collaboration in humanitarian response 

Due to the DEC’s unique membership model, we are a particularly effective mechanism for responding to large-scale humanitarian disasters. The DEC works closely with our member charities to launch appeals and maintain a helicopter view of the response, ensuring that flexible funding is directed quickly and effectively with robust processes to ensure transparency and accountability. 

The 15 member charities of the DEC meet strict membership criteria which reflect the quality standards in the sector. As well as holding members to account for delivering individual disaster responses, the DEC helps strengthen the systems which underpin the consistently effective interventions that disaster survivors need.  

The DEC use a set of criteria to decide when we launch an appeal, assessing the scale of the crisis, our members’ ability to respond quickly and effectively, and the level of public awareness. The DEC then uses a calculation to allocate funds to member charities that takes into account their capacity to respond to the disaster, as well as their UK fundraising capacity. This ensures that all areas of the disaster response are adequately funded, including specific small-scale programmes for vulnerable and marginalised groups. DEC member charities know very quickly how much money they can expect from our appeals and this helps them to rapidly build up a large-scale response to a disaster.  

The DEC’s helicopter view enables us to play a role in coordination - addressing gaps in programming; preventing duplication; and assisting with cost-effective procurement. The DEC also delivers added-value to the sector through local capacity strengthening projects, safeguarding and sharing learning. All DEC funding is unrestricted to the scope of the disaster and can be spent over a period of several years, promoting sustainability and an adaptive response.

To find out more about funding the DEC, please contact us at or call us on 020 3915 3803.