Devastation in Idlib, Syria.
Devastation in Idlib, Syria.


Earthquake Appeal

Devastation in Idlib, Syria, in the aftermath of the earthquake. Photo: Arete/DEC

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has been raised by the UK public to support the appeal



buildings were destroyed, leaving thousands homeless

The UK public has raised an incredible £150 million to support people impacted by the devastating Turkey-Syria earthquakes in February.
DEC charities are responding with vital humanitarian aid but there is much more to do to rebuild lives. 

The first deadly earthquake struck without warning in the early hours while people were sleeping in their beds. Around 300,000 buildings, including blocks of flats, hospitals and schools, were completely destroyed, along with other infrastructure such as water supplies.

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Families in Turkey and Syria still need support to recover and rebuild


Thanks to the generosity of the UK public and the £150 million raised, DEC charities have been able to support hundreds of thousands of people in the affected areas across both countries.

In the first three months of response DEC funds have helped to provide emergency cash transfers, shelter, medical treatment, hot food, clean water and hygiene provisions.
Islamic Relief aid workers amidst the rubble
Turkish Red Crescent teams treat the injured

DEC charity British Red Cross, through its local partner Turkish Red Crescent, are providing food, water, shelter, medical care and mental health support across affected regions in Türkiye. Photo: Turkish Red Crescent.

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How DEC charities are helping survivors

14 DEC charities and their local partners are responding to the disaster, working with locally-led relief efforts to provide medical treatment, emergency cash payments, shelter, and ensuring people have food and clean water.

Thanks to the generosity of the UK public and the £150 million raised, DEC charities have been able to support hundreds of thousands of people in the affected areas across both countries.

Derifa* receives cash support at a distribution site in North West Syria. Photo: Arete/DEC

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What is cash assistance and how does it help?

Find out how cash assistance can support people living in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

ITV Report: DEC Chief Executive visits aid projects in Southern Turkey

7 August 2023

6 months on from the first earthquakes, DEC Chief Executive Saleh Saeed travelled to Turkey to visit projects being supported by the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, featured in a report from ITV News. 

Whilst there, the team visited projects being run by DEC charities Save The Children, Concern and International Rescue Committee (IRC). 

The projects have been helping provide local people with essential aid, such as clean water, food and hygiene products. 

Channel 4: People in Syria struggling with trauma, says charity founder

6 August 2023

Violet Organisation are a humanitarian charity based in Turkey and Syria, and local partner of DEC charity Action Aid receiving funds through our appeal.

Recently, their founder Fouad Sayed Issa spoke to Channel 4 News about Violets work, the challenges still faced by people in Turkey & Syria, as well as his own personal experience with the earthquakes. 

Action Aid and Violet have been using DEC funds to provide essential aid to people in northwest Syria, including food, clean water and mental health support of those affected. 

DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal reaches £150m

3 August 2023

Donations to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal have reached £151.8 million, six months on from the the earthquakes across southern Turkey and northwest Syria. The total includes £5 million matched by the UK Government through the Aid Match scheme.

DEC Chief Executive Saleh Saeed recently visited DEC-funded projects in Gaziantep, southern Turkey, visiting DEC funded projects and meeting people affected by the earthquakes.

He said: "It’s clear that it will be a very long road to recovery from this terrible disaster, but we met so many people in Turkey who wanted us to thank the British public and all who have supported them through the DEC. Thank you to everyone who has donated, we are all incredibly grateful.”

UN aid enters Syrian rebel enclave from government territory in first such crossing since earthquake

23 June 2023

The Independent has reported that a convoy carrying U.N. aid has entered Syria's last rebel-held enclave from government-held territory. 

This is the first time a shipment of aid from the U.N. has crossed lines since the earthquakes in hit Syria in February.

The convoy with humanitarian supplies crossed from a government-controlled area in the province of Aleppo, and entered Idlib, according to the U.N. office for humanitarian affairs (OCHA). 

BBC News: Survivors in Idlib, Syria tell their story

22 April 2023

Destoryed house in Idlib, Syria

The BBC's Middle East correspondent, Anna Foster, recently traveled to Idlib in Northern Syria to meet survivors living in the area, months after the earthquakes struck.

She interviewed Ali, who has been living in tent with his two daughter since the earthquake struck, he said:

"Life right now is very difficult. Living in tents is miserable, but we thank Allah that we are alive," 

In north-west Syria around 60% of people in the region affected by the February earthquakes were already displaced.

DEC charities and their local partners have been working since the first earthquake struck and are helping people on both sides of the border of Turkey and Syria despite the ongoing challenges.

They have been providing tents, warm clothing and heaters, hot meals, clean water and medical care.  

Survivors of Turkey earthquake tell stories of survival two months on

11 April 2023

A new report from Emily Retter, Feature Editor at The Daily Mirror, showcases the stories of families affected by the earthquakes. 

Reporting from locations around southern Turkey, families recall stories of saving loved ones from the rubble following the earthquakes.

Quoted in the report was Andy Buchanan, country director for Turkey at DEC charity Concern Worldwide. Concern Worldwide worked to provided water tanks to support people in the area after the earthquakes struck.

BBC News: Survivors' search for missing relatives

27 March 2023

A new report from Fundanur Ozturk, Berza Simsek, reporting for BBC News in Turkey, tells the story of people still searching for loved ones, 7 weeks after the deadly earthquakes hit the region. 

There is no official figure for the number of missing people across Turkey following the earthquakes, however nearly 2,000 unaccompanied children have been rescued from under the rubble and registered with the authorities, according to official figures provided by the Ministry of Family and Social Affairs.

DEC charities are continuing to work in Turkey and Northern Syria to suppose those affected by the earthquakes, providing medical treatment, shelter, psychological support and more. 



Sky News: Community kitchen near epicentre helps provide local dishes for people left homeless

13 March 2023

Food aid being distributed by Action Against Hunger in Turkey

Food aid being distributed by Action Against Hunger near the epicenter. Photo: Bradley Secker

"For me, this community kitchen provides us with security, because we know we're getting hot food at a certain time every day and aid on a regular basis," says one 20-year-old Turkish man who has been staying in the tents and using the kitchen since the earthquake.

DEC charity Action Against Hunger is providing 3,000 meals a day for earthquake survivors.