An aid worker stands with women she is helping



Women and girls often suffer the most during humanitarian emergencies. Typically, more women than men are killed by rapid onset disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. Violence against women and girls increases during all emergencies, especially in conflict.

There is nothing natural about the increased vulnerability that many women and girls face in emergencies. It is the direct result of the gender inequality and discrimination that women and girls experience in their daily lives.

That’s why, when a disaster strikes, ActionAid does things differently.

Our approach in an emergency

We work directly with local women and girls to provide support and save lives.

Our approach in an emergency is to empower local women to lead the response. Local women know best what their communities need, and are able to get life-saving supplies quickly and fairly to those who need it most.

Ensuring that we work with women means we do not overlook needs or vulnerabilities that are specific to women and girls.

In the long-term, we work to rebuild communities and strengthen their resilience to future crises.

ActionAid trains women in leadership skills and disaster preparedness so that they are better equipped to lead their communities in times of crisis and beyond