DEC Coronavirus Appeal: India extension ends

The DEC Coronavirus Appeal launched in July 2020. Seven of the world’s most fragile places (Afghanistan, DRC, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Rohingya camps) were included in the appeal at the time of the launch and £41 million was raised up to April 2021. 

That month, the virus started spiralling out of control in India. With the outbreak causing such great need and given the very large number of poor and marginalised people in the country, the DEC extended the appeal to cover India, and restricted donations from 28 April 2021 to be used for this response. Many of our member charities have a long-standing presence in India and were able to quickly scale up their operations, supporting health services and vulnerable communities.  

In total, the DEC and its member charities raised £14 million between 28 April and 9 June for the India response. 

With the virus now having peaked in India and media attention moving elsewhere, we know that the vast majority of the funds we’d be able to raise specifically for India have now been secured. Therefore, from 9 June 2021 onwards, donations to our appeal will be allocated where the needs are greatest in all eight locations – the original seven places and India. (Donations from any fundraising events or online fundraisers started between 28 April and 9 June will still be directed to India.)  

Our website homepage has been update to clearly state that donations are going to eight countries, and there is further information in this article for donors and visitors to our website to read. 

The appeal has now raised more than £55 million including the additional funds raised from the India extension, thanks to the tremendous generosity of the UK public and other donors. 


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