Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

Donations to our Emergency Fund are allocated to the next DEC appeal launched to respond to a crisis overseas.

Your donation will support the DEC’s next appeal, whether it’s a natural disaster, disease outbreak or a crisis fuelled by drought or conflict.  

Having funds in reserve allows us to get more money where it is needed as quickly as possible to save, protect and rebuild lives by working with the communities affected.

We cannot predict what the next DEC appeal will be for, but the emergency funds will allow our member charities to provide aid where it is needed as quickly as possible.  

The immediate response to any major disaster on this scale is likely to include provision of food, clean water, medicine and shelter.

We will provide a full account of how money from the Emergency Fund has been spent as part of our overall appeal funds in our programme reports.  

Monitoring disasters

We are closely monitoring a number of humanitarian disasters and assessing them against our criteria for launching an appeal.