An aerial view of a displacement camp in Syria showing rows and rows of tents



A camp for displaced people in northwest Syria in December 2020. Image: Abdul Sattar Al-Nasser/DEC

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The DEC has three criteria which must be met before we launch an appeal.

We often monitor crises that don't yet meet our criteria but may do in the future. Often our member charities are responding to these crises already and we encourage people who wish to help to donate to them. Find out more about which crises we are monitoring below.


GAZA and israel CRISIS

The DEC is deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of civilians caught up in the devastating conflict in Gaza and Israel, and our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones and suffered injuries.

We are closely monitoring the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza and assessing it against our criteria for launching a DEC appeal.

Currently, there is very limited access for humanitarian aid to get into Gaza. This is preventing DEC member charities from being able to provide effective and swift humanitarian assistance at a scale needed for a national appeal. 

However, 13 DEC member charities have launched appeals to help civilians affected by the conflict, which are listed below. Some member charities are able to support their long-term partners inside Gaza using what aid is coming in and pre-positioned stock, while others are preparing to deliver aid as soon as there is humanitarian access.


Afghanistan earthquakeS

Afghanistan's Herat province has been struck by a series of earthquakes, the first on 7 October, killing over 1,000 people. The DEC is deeply concerned for those affected and is monitoring the situation closely.

Three DEC charities - CARE International, Islamic Relief and Tearfund - are using funds from the DEC Afghanistan Crisis Appeal to support survivors. This appeal is now closed for donations.

If you would like to donate, the following DEC member charities who have launched appeals:


Libya floods 

We’re deeply concerned for people in eastern Libya affected by the aftermath of Storm Daniel which caused widespread flooding on 10 September. Two dams near Derna collapsed, releasing a torrent of water through the city that swept away buildings, roads and bridges. Thousands of people were killed and thousands more are missing. We’re deeply concerned for everyone affected and our thoughts are with all those who have lost friends and relatives.

Some of our member charities are working in eastern Libya and we would urge anyone wanting to help to donate to the appeals below:


Morocco Earthquake

We are deeply concerned for people affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Morocco late on 8 September and our thoughts are with all who lost friends and relatives in the disaster. 

Some of our member charities are working in Morocco and we would urge anyone wanting to help to donate to the appeals below:


Sudan Conflict 

Conflict broke out in Sudan in mid-April, including intense fighting in the capital, Khartoum. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled to safety and there are shortages of food, water, medicines and electricity.

The DEC is deeply concerned for the safety of civilians caught up in the fighting and the developing humanitarian crisis. We are monitoring the situation closely and assessing it against our criteria for launching a national fundraising appeal in the UK.  

Those criteria are not currently met, but several DEC member charities have a presence in Sudan or neighbouring countries. If you would like to help them respond and help people affected by this crisis, you can donate to the following appeals:


East Africa hunger crisis

Four successive failed rainy seasons have left parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia facing a disastrous drought and severe humanitarian crisis. The World Food Programme estimates that there are 89 million people who are acutely food insecure, and 16 million children and pregnant or lactating women are now malnourished. People in the region are highly dependent on livestock, and an estimated 7 million animals have died, including 30% of all livestock in Somalia. More than 2 million people in Somalia are now one step away from famine. 

The situation is being worsened by the conflict in Ukraine, which is reducing the supply of grain and driving up food prices. In East Africa, the cost of a standard food basket has increased by 46% since this time last year and 21% since the start of the conflict in Ukraine. In East Africa people spend on average between 40-60% of their income on their basic food needs, so this increase in price is having a dramatic impact on people’s ability to feed themselves.

Aid agencies, including DEC charities, are responding by providing food and clean water, treatment for malnutrition, and cash to allow people to buy essentials. This crisis does not currently meet the criteria for the DEC to launch an appeal, although we continue to monitor it closely. If you would like to help, we encourage you to donate to one of the DEC charities’ appeals below:


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