By March 2017, prolonged drought and ongoing conflict had left 23 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan in urgent need of food, water and medical treatment. Some 2.9 million people in Somalia and 5.6 million in Ethiopia required urgent food assistance, along with 2.6 million in Kenya. In South Sudan, poor rains and harvests coupled with continued fighting had forced almost 1.9 million people to leave their homes in search of food, water and protection.

The East Africa Crisis Appeal raised a total of £66.4 million, with £41.7 million channelled directly to the DEC, including £10 million from the UK Government’s Aid Match scheme, and the remaining £24.7 million donated directly to DEC member charities. Thirteen DEC member charities used DEC funds across the four countries over the 18-month response. This report is on funds raised directly by the DEC and allocated to its members.

The swift, high-impact response in which DEC member charities took part prevented widespread famine and brought life-saving assistance to millions of people across the region, including reaching 2.5 million people with some form of assistance in the first six months.

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