Real-Time Response Review of the 2018 Indonesia Tsunami Appeal


To support its member agencies in improving their response and as part of its public accountability for the use of the funds raised through the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal, the DEC commissioned an independent real-time response review. The review was commissioned in collaboration with Swiss Solidarity (SwS), DEC’s Swiss counterpart. 

The review has taken stock of the achievements of the DEC members and SwS partners alongside their national and local counterparts, highlighting learning points and recommendations for their ongoing activities in Sulawesi. The review concludes that, despite a challenging operating context, humanitarian organisations (including DEC and SwS members and partners) have made a significant contribution to the response through provision of life-saving assistance and services. It is noted that organisations have made considerable efforts to identify the most vulnerable in communities affected. 

The report flags several opportunities for strengthening the quality and approach of the humanitarian response. DEC member agencies have given due consideration to the review findings and are reflecting their learning points and recommendations in their continuing response in Sulawesi.