Christian Aid is an international organisation of more than 900 staff working to end poverty. We believe that local people in poor countries are the real experts on poverty. So we support more than 700 local organisations, because they’re best placed to understand the causes of poverty and how to fight it.

Our emergency response

We're based in countries affected by disasters so we can be there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term. Through our work with local organisations in these countries, we can talk directly to the people affected to provide the most useful emergency response.


Recent Updates

Christian aid report the sad story of Bishek, 11

'if I closed my eyes I thought that it would just stop' - Bishek, 11. #NepalQuake

Update from Christian Aid: our partners are responding now

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@christian_aid's @nick_guttmann on the aftermath of #NepalEarthquake on @BBCRadio4 news (02:26-02:41):

Christian Aid: Nepal Earthquake - Areas of Concern

Help us prevent further deaths in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal and parts of India has killed more than 2,000 people, and many more lives hang in the balance.  

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@christian_aid partners are reaching 20,000 people with clean water and have provided 2,400 people with food and hygiene kits #GazaCrisis