Doctors and nurses hold a baby outside a field hospital
Field hospital staff hold a baby

The Emergency
Appeals Alliance

The Emergency
Appeals Alliance

Staff at the Red Cross field hospital hold a baby they helped to deliver in the Rohingya refugee camps, Bangladesh. Image: Paddy Dowling/DEC

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The DEC is part of a global alliance of humanitarian coalitions which is called the Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA). The EAA is comprised of organisations similar to the DEC; a collection of national aid agencies that come together to respond to emergencies overseas. The EAA is the first global humanitarian aid initiative of its kind.

Visit the EAA website here.
While models vary in different countries, certain characteristics remain central to the success of joint humanitarian appeals. These are:

  • Participation of experienced global humanitarian agencies
  • Media partnerships which support the appeals by informing the public and decreasing fundraising costs by providing free ad space
  • Private sector partnerships – these may take many forms but generally allow the private sector to pre-establish their engagement in disaster relief in line with their resources for rapid deployment and support of relief efforts

The purpose of the EAA will be to share learning and experience from running national appeals, and to build membership of each EAA members organisation within the overall aim of increasing the impact of humanitarian aid globally.

Members of the Emergency Appeals Alliance

Austria - Nachbar in Not

“Neighbour in Need”, is a nonprofit foundation made up of 8 organisations, formed for the exclusive purpose of assisting people in need because of natural disasters, war or armed conflict. Neighbour in Need is now the biggest donation program in Austria in case of an international catastrophe.

Belgium - Consortium 12-12

Six major humanitarian organizations join forces in the Belgian Consortium for Emergency Situations. Joining together to communicate to the public and utilising effective contacts with the press and media, Consortium 12-12 try to encourage the generosity and solidarity of the population at as low a cost as low as possible. The partnership allows for a pragmatic way to work together in order to optimize support to the victims.

Canada - Humanitarian Coalition

The Humanitarian Coalition brings together Canada's leading aid agencies to finance relief efforts in times of international humanitarian crises. 

The five member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition work together to reduce unnecessary competition, inform the public on humanitarian needs, increase the impact of Canadian humanitarian responses and reduce administrative costs.

Germany - Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany's Relief Coalition is a union of German relief organisations that can provide rapid and effective aid in the case of large catastrophes and emergency situations abroad. The aim of the alliance is to bring about a more efficient use of  donations and provide people in need fast and coordinated assistance. 

Japan - Japan Platform

Together with its member NGOs, JPF implements programs in response to the needs of disaster victims and refugees. As a professional platform of emergency humanitarian aid, JPF shares information and provides various supports to its 46 member NGOs (as of February 2016), each of whom has its own expertise and strengths.

Netherlands - Giro555

Giro555 comes into action when exceptional disasters occur. Giro555 connects 11 organisations, collaborating with companies, broadcasters and stations, schools, faith houses and sports clubs throughout the Netherlands.

Sweden - Radiohjälpen

Since its inception in 1939 Radiohjälpen has - thanks to the Swedish people's gifts - evolved into one of Sweden's most important donors of humanitarian aid, mainly abroad, but also at home for people with disabilities and children. Radiohjälpen’s mandate is not only to raise funds for these international and national causes, but also to inform the Swedish public of humanitarian issues.

Switzerland - Swiss Solidarity

Set up in 1946, Swiss Solidarity is the humanitarian foundation of SRG SSR (Swiss Radio & TV) that raises funds for relief projects. Swiss Solidarity raises funds after tragic events occur in Switzerland or abroad. In the event of major disasters, the foundation appeals for donations via national TV and radio stations as well as the private media.