The Board, made up of both Member Trustees (chief executives of the Member Agencies) and Independent Trustees, has ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity; defining its strategic goals; ensuring that it is solvent; well-run; and delivering the charitable outcomes for which it has been set up.

Trustees ensure that the DEC remains true to its charitable purpose and objectives and complies with charity law. They are responsible for preparing the annual Trustees’ Report and the financial statement, which are submitted to the Charity Commission.

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Independent Trustees

Member Trustees


Membership and Accountability Committee – Responsible for developing accountability policy and monitoring member agencies and secretariat performance against it, and overseeing secretariat activity to promote learning and accountability. The committee is also responsible for ensuring our membership criteria are appropriate; making decisions on action with non-performing members and recruitment of independent trustees.
Committee chair: Andy Green, CBE
Current members: Mike Adamson, Peter Barron, Rose Caldwell, Jean-Michel Grand, Jane Hanson, Nigel Harris, Sue Inglish, Chris Roles, Charles Stewart-Smith.
Audit, Finance and Risk Committee – Responsible for reviewing draft financial statements and considering the external auditor’s management letter.  The committee is also responsible for advising trustees on the appointment of external auditors; reviewing external audit plans; reviewing the effectiveness of the internal control and risk management systems and monitoring the implementation of audit recommendations.
Committee chair: Jane Hanson
Current members: John Good, Andy Green, Tufail Hussain, Laurie Lee, Amanda Khozi Mukwashi.

Remuneration Committee – Responsible for reviewing DEC Secretariat remuneration policy and practice on an annual basis for recommendation to the full Board.
Committee chair: Andy Green, CBE
Current members: Rose Caldwell, Jane Hanson, Sue Inglish, Chris Roles